Frequently Asked Questions
Last Update: 11-December-2018 @ 1100 UTC

Q1: Will there be a Flea Market or Swap Meet at IDXC 2019?
A. Unfortunately, no. We want to be sure you have every opportunity to attend our Programs, visit Exhibitors, get your QSL cards checked, and generally focus on the meeting itself.

Q2: The only two hotels within walking distance of the Convention Center are fully booked. If we drive downtown to the Convention Center, will there be plenty of free parking?
A. Yes -- both at the Convention Center itself, and in surrounding Parking Lot areas.

Q3: Visalia Hotels are all along Route 198. Which hotel is the farthest distance from the Convention Center and how long will it take to drive there?
A. The furthest hotel is the Wyndam Hotel -- 5.5 miles from downtown. Because traffic is never heavy along Route 198, the maximum driving time from any hotel should be no more than 10 minutes.

Q4: Will there be shuttle buses from the hotels to the convention center in 2017?
A. We will not be providing shuttle bus service because (1) it is prohibitively expensive, and (2) very few attendees take advantage of the service since most drive their personal automobile to the convention.

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