Saturday Tour

For those visitors wanting to get away for a bit, we've planned a nice tour for you.

Date: Saturday, April 13, 2019
Time: 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM
Cost: $40.00 - includes lunch

Please meet the bus right outside the Convention Center (the usual place) at 9:00am SHARP.  The bus will leave at 9:30am with or without you.  

This year’s Saturday Tour is taking us up into the Sequoia National Park to view the BIG TREES.  If you've never been it will amaze you.  If you have been before it will still amaze you. 

The General Sherman Tree is the world's largest tree, measured by volume. It stands 275 feet (83 m) tall, and is over 36 feet (11 m) in diameter at the base. Sequoia trunks remain wide high up. Sixty feet above the base, the Sherman Tree is 17.5 feet (5.3 m) in diameter.  The trail runs half a mile (0.8 km) to the tree. It has a few stairs and is paved. As you walk, you'll enter the Giant Forest sequoia grove. Exhibits along the trail explain the natural history of giant sequoias. The trail is wheelchair-accessible. A fence protects the shallow roots of the Sherman Tree. Please help us protect the tree by staying on the paved trail.

From there we will bus over to the Wuksachi Lodge for lunch.  You have several choices so please be sure to contact me as soon as you register, to let me know what you want to eat. 

Every national park has its top lodge; the one place to stay that reflects all the park stands for.  The Wuksachi Lodge is Sequoia’s signature hotel, a striking stone-and-cedar mountain lodge situated in the heart of the park.  The Lodge was built in 1999 in a spectacular alpine setting at an elevation of 7,200 feet.

It can get cold so be sure to bring a sweater or jacket.  Also even though the trail is paved you will need to wear good walking shoes.

Please contact me as soon as you register.  Your lunch choices are: 

Choose one:

  1. Grilled Chicken sandwich
  2. Large Caesar Salad
  3. Large Chopped Salad (with or without Grilled Chicken)
    Romaine Lettuce, turkey, bacon, red onion, corn, egg, chickpeas, sherry-thyme vinaigrette dressing.

Park regulation state that a smaller bus is used to enter the park, therefore space is LIMITED.  BE SURE TO REGISTER FOR THE TOUR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  SEATS WILL BE ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SEATED BASIS


Cami Sereni KB6KTV  kb6ktv@gmail.com

Bus Tour Attendees. Last Update: 09-March-2019 @ 1500 UTC  
First Last Callsign
1 Sue Allred K6SZQ
2 Kathy Ash W1FQ-GUEST
3 Marilyn Bagshaw N6VAW
4 Eva Banbury W7EVA
5 Vonnie Beckman W6JII-XYL
6 Marlys Benny N6VR-XYL
7 Kathleen Bernstein AA6YQ-XYL
8 Jean Bolze W6SLW-GUEST
9 Vuong Bunsold KB6RCT
10 Phoenix Bunsold WA6MHZ-GUEST
11 Jill Cutter M6NLK
12 Ana Elsa Echeverria W6HB-YL
13 Yvonne Felter AI6O-XYL
14 Edie Fitzpatrick N7CQQ-GUEST
15 Bunny Friedman W6BUN
16 Paulla Garrett ZL1BIV-XYL
17 Sue Gill W0OGH-GUEST
18 Sherry Grant KC7CS-XYL
19 Alicia Grubic N6DFF
20 Jim Hill K6UUW
21 Sue Idelson K1IR-GUEST
22 Michael Kalter W8CI
23 Jack D Larason KE7HTY
25 Joe Locascio K5KT
26 Marian Locascio K5KKT
27 Judy Mader K8TE-XYL
28 Alan Martin W6ADM
29 Susan Mcgirr K9XYL
30 Fred Regennitter K4IU
31 Judy Regennitter K0UH
32 Dorothy Robinett KB6KTV-GUEST
33 Rossi Rodillas N6RND-XYL
34 Gail Runciman ZL1FV
35 Sally Ryen K6EME-XYL
36 Karen Samoian WB6OKK
37 Cami Sereni KB6KTV
38 Anna Sombor W6NN
39 Gillian Spetnagel W6KK-XYL
40 Jim Weatherford WU6K
41 Sandi Williams W6SLW
42 Melanie Wohl DL5CK-XYL
43 Wendy Wohl DL5CK-YL

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