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70th International DX Convention • April 12-14, 2019 • Visalia, California
Hotel Room Registration Opened On

Monday, August 6, 2018 @ 10:00 AM PDT = 1700 UTC
There are a few changes for Hotel accommodations for the 2019 Visalia DX Convention.

We have arranged for a block of rooms with these three hotels:

Comfort Suites
The Wyndham
(previously the Holiday Inn)

The Marriott has agreed to block their entire room count for the convention. The Comfort Inn also increased their block of rooms allocated to the convention, although not all of their rooms.

We will not being using the passkey reservation system this year.  To reserve a room for IDXC 2019, select the hotel you wish to stay at and use that hotel’s reservation system.  Links and phone numbers are provided below.

2019 IDXC Convention - Participating Hotels
Room Rate Hotel Address Phone Number Distance From VCC (miles)
$149.00 Marriott 330 South Court Street
Visalia, CA 93277
(559) 636-1111
(800) 798-6506 
To Book A Room At The Marriott Call the hotel or
click this Online Booking Link:
$145.00 Comfort Suites 210 E. Acequia St
Visalia, CA 93277
(559) 738-1700 0.1
To Book A Room At The Comfort Suites Call the hotel. 
There is no online booking link. 
no online booking link
$111.00 Wyndham 9000 W Airport Dr
Visalia, California 93277 
(559) 651-5000 4.5
To Book A Room At The Wyndham Call the hotel or
click this Online Booking Link:
1. All Hotels: Cancellation policy: 30 Days prior to arrival
2. All Hotels: Credit charge is charged per night. Tax not included.
3. Minimum Stay: There is a minimum stay of two nights at the Marriott.  None of the other hotels have a minimum stay.
4. The Marriott will be charging $7/day for parking.  They have installed gates to limit parking to those that have paid.  The hotel told us they had a problem with employees of the hospital across the street parking in the Hotel lot.  The parking garage across from the convention center is still free.
There are many other hotels available in Visalia – if you wish to book a room at one of them, go to the hotel’s website and book directly, or use hotels.com  Select a search of Visalia, California, select check in April 11th, 2019, check out Sunday, April 14th.  Select the hotel and book.

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